Bimbingan Parenting Peran Orang Tua Terhadap Perilaku Anak

  • Diana Sofiroh


Parenting is the study of how to educate children, raise children and guide children in a good and appropriate way. Parenting guidance is very important to know. That the first child's education is from the family. Whether it's the way children talk, behave, take attitudes or other things. Everything starts from the family environment, and most importantly plays a role in the family environment, namely parents. This is where parenting comes in. The author takes the theme of parenting guidance which is useful in order to add insight into children's behavior so that parents are able to control children's behavior, knowing various children's behaviors. Here, the researchers conducted parenting guidance in Puger Wetan Village and found parents who had difficulty in parenting or recognizing children's behavior. So that here the researcher provides direction or guidance related to these problems. In carrying out this parenting guidance service program, the author uses the research method, namely the EBR (Empowerment-Based Research) method in which the EBR method has 4 stages, including exploration, create and action, evaluation and report and dissemination. And then this parenting guidance is in accordance with the needs of the assisted subject, so the results of parenting guidance will have a good impact on parenting styles, and automatically when the knowledge about parenting gained in parenting guidance is applied properly it will also have a good impact on improving behavior control. child. After the authors do the service, the authors consider that the existence of this parenting activity can foster proper parenting and both educational and psychological aspects of the child. Parenting is not only about parenting but also about how to educate, protect and protect children's development. The purpose set by the author is for parents to know the importance of parenting education, so that parents instill values ​​and norms from an early age in their children, to form good patterns of education.

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