Upaya Meminimalisir Pelajar Putus Sekolah Melalui Pendekatan Kepada Masyarakat

  • Abdul Rouf
  • Khumaidi Khumaidi


Research-Based Community Service was carried out in Tegal Baru Hamlet RW.022 with the topic of students. From
several interviews with local figures, he explained about the conditions that exist in the community, in this case focusing on
educational problems. The educational problem that occurs in the community of Tegal Baru Hamlet RW.022 Paleran
Village is about the number of children at the student age who experience school dropouts for various reasons. The reasons
that prevailed by the informants were one of the motivational factors, which in this case was from the main parent, the
second factor was the economy, with a livelihood as agricultural laborers which made people experience economic difficulties
in providing education to children, and the last factor was the social environment factor that is, arises from a child's play
environment, which in fact has been dominated by children whose education is problematic, resulting in frequent negative
behavior such as: hanging out at intersections and road junctions, illegal racing, and consuming drugs.
Seeing the condition of the community in this way, various strategies are needed to minimize the problems of dropping out
of school students, one of the strategies taken is to make visits to the community with the aim of being able to discuss and
mediate with parents to see information about the factors that cause children to drop out of school to further connect with
local leaders looking for the best solution from the various factors that cause these problems. The solutions offered include
when the motivational factor is needed to conduct direction to the community which will be important for education and
when there are two economic factors, namely continuing education by applying for fee relief and for those who do not wish to
continue, they are channeled to the pursuit of package A-B-C. This effort is the first step in shaping the community of
Tegal Baru Hamlet RW.022 Paleran Village into an educated society

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