Menanamkan Rasa Kesadaran Diri Akan Pentingnya Menjaga Lingkungan Di Pondok Pesantren

  • Avitazida Avitazida


A clean environment is dambaan for everyone .But not easy to create a a clean environment and comfort for seen and
occupied , because of the reason , sloth bustle and made lack of our attention to environment and causing defilement
everywhere that made you lazy and uncomfortable the dump smell , has a lot of dust forth .To clarify how far this research
, then the researcher has the goal research , want to create a clean environment and comfortable in a hut daughter nurul
anwar and increase a sense of responsibility with ourselves and to the environment .Here researchers used method , identify
the existing problems , in the space of that is , develop and implement the program and evaluate stage. As for factors living
environment support pondok pesantren nurul anwar to increase the quality of environment is with the land use empty easy
to place for planting that mencitakan a clean environment and made air around increase .Protecting the environment own
would have an impact better if they guard him with good .The impact of keep lingkung that is made a clean environment ,
comfortable , healthy and beautiful , avoid from flood threat the , guard kerukumnan between neighbours , educating the
public to always live a pure life , maintain cleanliness means keeping away from disease , became a means to drawing close
to god . , becoming mirrors faith someone educate people berakhlak noble , improve the image of self and quality of life .
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