Peningkatan Pendidikan Karakter Anak Melalui Pembelajaran Kitab Alala Di Desa Mlokorejo


Children's character education is a character building process that has a positive impact on children's emotional,
spiritual and personality development. The book of alala is one of the moral books that is very appropriate to
shape the character or personality of a child. The main reason the researcher chose to implement a program to
improve children's character education through learning the Alala book in Mlokorejo Village was because
children in Mlokorejo Village needed good character education. The book of Alala is one of the books of
morality, which contains educational, religious, social and advices on morals that are appropriate and beneficial
to society, especially in this day and age regarding the decline in morals and morals of the nation's children.
because of that the researcher chose the book of Alala as a reference in learning. With the program to increase
character education through learning the book of Alala, it is hoped that it can help and ease the burden on
parents in educating children's character. In addition, it can also develop children's potential and increase
children's knowledge about the importance of having noble morals that can be achieved from character
education. Character education is very important in changing children's behavior for the better and instilling
noble character values. Especially in the midst of the rapid flow of times, learning the book of Alala can help in
shaping and maintaining the morals of children as human beings with character.
In implementing the program to enhance children's character through learning the book Alala uses
EMPOWERMENT - BASED RESEACRH (EBR) which has four stages, namely Exploration, Create and
Action, Evaluation, and Report and Dissemination, using a qualitative research approach. The results of the
study show that the improvement of children's character education through the book of Alala is in accordance
with the original plan, it can be seen from the increase in children's potential, and better character enhancement.

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