Pendampingan Belajar Membaca Dengan Metode Kata Lembaga Di Tengah Covid-19

  • Khurin In In Ratnasari IAI Al-Falah As-sunniyyah Kencong
  • M Bustanul Ulum IAI Al-Falah As-sunniyyah Kencong


The covid-19 pandemic has an impact on the education sector. where the government
makes a policy to conduct distance learning. The researcher conducted community
service with MI Nurul Huda as a partner in implementing the institutional word method
in learning to read. This article aims to describe the institutional word method and
student response rates as well as the three aspects that provide assistance. This research
is a qualitative research by conducting interviews in data collection and direct
observation to find out the problems that occur. The purpose of this study is to increase
social care from the parents / guardians of the students themselves, close relatives of
students to the surrounding community who have sibling or non-family relationships.
Provide motivation to various parties to have attention to the education of students. not
only depending on the school or the teacher. especially when the covid-19 pandemic
occurred. In this study, the mentoring strategy and the steps in making a briefing
program for various parties can run effectively, efficiently and conducively in this
study. The method used is to use the word institution method. In conclusion, after this
reading learning assistance activity, students who initially had problems with learning
have now begun to be resolved. They don't have to go to school to learn to read.
Because, there are parents, close relatives and the surrounding community who are able
to teach him to read while at home.

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